August 2015


Latin Skin

I choose my best options for my skin …in order to protect it and reach that color  all people like...

Birthday baby

I thought of something very special for Regi’s first birthday, something concerning her way of being, the day when she

Be Happy

Feeling happy is a choice,in my opinion. .. We have always to face sad things,but I believe that it’s fundamental

Silver surfer

Since I was a little baby, I’ve been thinking that Life is a wonderful adventure that gives us the opportunity

Bond Girl

Whenever I think of a Bond Girl, I always call back a strong, determined, smart and beautiful woman to my

Feel Rock

We need a few but very important things to create a look “rock”! When I say  "Rock" I think of someone who is fearless, with

My Skin

My skin, like yours, needs to be taken in consideration by us. We must use a good solar protection during