September 2015


Let’s Play

If I think that everything is successful when we play... It’s really like that... It doesn’t really mean that you have to

Emmy’s Family

I love to share award ceremonies with my family and friends!  I’ve enjoyed very much to watch them since I
Red carpet

Power Girls

In my opinion a power girl is someone who obtains all what she proposes engaging herself with dignity and love! 

Be Rock

To be Rock is not a way of dressing, acting or being.. It is much more than this.. It is

Space Girl

I really like to play in weekends and turn myself into a space girl... I’ve always loved to be dressed

Smile Baby

In my opinion, the power of a smile is fundamental for reaching all aims! When you smile, you release such

Natural Spa

I always choose to melt with nature and enjoy all the pleasures She offers us day by.. It’s possible to

I Love you

I love you in each  moment of your  Life.. I’m always here only for you.. I’m waiting every new single