This summer I decided to take care of my skin more than ever!

First of all by moisturizing my skin all the time, with much water, natural fruit juices, cold infusions!  Our skin likes it and we can soon observe its brighter color…
Furthermore I decided to protect myself with total protection face creams, especially because I became sensible to dark spots after my two pregnancies…

My special makeup Artist Elisa Rampi, taught me to use the protection creams By Clinique and then apply a base, color blush and waterproof mascara! How brilliant! You look wonderful all the time! In the sea, or in shootings, as in my case! It’s incredíble that we can take care of our skin and look beautiful with a little makeup… I advise you to use bright colors, corals… 

Enjoy this summer very much and always in touch with our water. There’s no better beauty allied than a bath in the sea making beautiful projects while swimming….
Thanks to Raffaele Marone for these photos! You’re a genius Raffo! And super Elisa is so divine! And Barbie for love and joy! I love you!!! And what about my Producers? The best in the World! Alessia and Andrea! I love you! Thanks a lot!!!

Snapbeauty! Snapwater! Snaplove! Snaworld!

Ph. Raffaele Marone

Make up & Hair Stylist Elisa Rampi using Clinique and Aveda

Dress: Phactory Lab

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