Amore Mio

In our Life we happen to meet magic people , unique people , people full of inner riches, people who let you remain open-mouthed at any moment.
I feel so grateful for meeting the Great Tomas Milian and I wish to share this encounter with you…

He was an actor in more than 140 films in the golden age of Italian Cinema. This man is an example of Life, generosity and experience, more than a talent gifted person.
I notice all that when he remembers plenty of anecdotes about “ Er Monnezza”: it’s impossible not loving  him! He gave an example of Art and contemporaneity in his characters. We must love him for sure,  when he remembers when he was a little child, always in search of  his artistic and spiritual growth .
He told us about the dream he realized at Actor Studios in NY, together with other great actors such as Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe.. Ahaha, She was one of his friends there.. We could remember that moment in a photo and he told me that she always used to bring coffee to him! No roses or something else…. the timeless Tomas is always rock!

Since I was a little girl I always tried to do what made me grow up or love more.. Nowadays I think about what I will leave to this World and Tomas helped me to know this answer better… Here’s my best: I have to work hard in order to realize my dreams and music… This is my answer.. 

In a short time he taught me  the importance of observing, listening, feeling emotions, but especially of feeling happy about what each individual realized and obtained in his Life..
Never surrender and give importance to what you did, because it will make you feel really free!

Thank you  Tomas for your generosity and  thank you  Andrea Angioli for sharing this treasure with us! Thanks to all Italian people for making Tomas a legend in the Cinema world for ever. You can find the whole story of  this great man in his book “Amore Mio” .I recommend it to you. It is an absolute inspiration! Thank you Tomas, we love you!

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