Be Rock

To be Rock is not a way of dressing, acting or being.. It is much more than this.. It is to stay as firm as a rock in the moments of difficulty.. And to transform those  difficulties into challenges, never into obstacles…

Even if my face looks so sweet and I am very fond of love, romantic and feminine, I always assert my rights and  my position as to what I think and feel..
Being a mother is part of this growth too! And I feel very happy because I know that I can defend my spaces like a lioness does! Grrrrrrrr

Jajajaj Complete your exterior beauty with some different accessories such as this ecologic bag and not the ones with small chains that look all similar to one another! Like clones! They are completely Out.
Use always makeup but not too much, with a face base cream and a super bright lipstick By Clinique.. An eyeliner to remark a catlike glance and bye bye! You are a ROCK baby in a SNAP!  Walk quickly and triumph in all you wish,always extending a good message for you…., humanity!


Jumpsuit Giancarlo Pignatelli
Headbands Super Duper
Bag GUM by Gianni Chiarini
Mua & hair stylist Elisa Rampi using CLINIQUE
Photo by Marcello Ibanez

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