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Lola interviews LUCY LARA, Editor-in-Chief of Glamour México, Conde Nast

1) What is a synonymous of glamour in your opinion?

It’s having a sure actitude.

2) And the most glamorous woman in the World?

The one who admires herself  with satisfaction and pride in a mirror.

3) What is important in a beauty and glamour party?

Women admiring and helping one to another.

4) Which one has more value nowadays, a natural or a changed face?

Natural beauty is  admired and envied. A face changed by a surgeon is an imitation of the natural one.

5) Do we live in a glamorous age or Marilyn Monroe’s age was more glamorous?

All ages have their own elegance, but I think that this one lets ourselves dress with glamour wearing jewels, furs, leather or embroideries on any occasion, and not only on special ones.

6) By your opinion, is glamour the way you use your accessories?

I love maximalists and the people who can wear accessories. Even if there are people that like “the minimal”, I prefer “the maximal”.

7) We all know that beauty, talent and glamour are important in a woman but which one is more important for you?

Glamour, if you take reference to my first answer in which I say that there is a sure actitude that sustains it.

Snap: Who is the actual top model or Artist that aims at being a beauty icon in the future?

Pre-eminently top is Kate Moss, that makes luxury objects to be inspirational. For several years she has been and will be the Marilyn of future generations.

I think that beauty is something coming from inside and  spreading light from the face of a person…
It’s clear that there are many products that can help us to be shining in a short time. I wish to share these secret things with you because the products I’m going to introduce to you have won the quality prize this year.
Glamour México, Conde Nast party in Miami was extremely marvelous, with plenty of beautiful and very talented women who make their best for getting the most from Life!
Thanks Lucy Lara for inviting me and thanks to all the fantastic women living with glamour! Love you girls!
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