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A matter of feeling

It’s a magic night in my Life… I’m going to sing one of my favorite songs: I’ve known it since I was a little girl but I’d  never thought to sing it with the same person who converted it into a worldwide hit together with the great singer “Mina” Riccardo Cocciante is noy only one of my talent-scouts but also a master, a friend, a great Artist who changed my

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Look like Esmeralda

Being Esmeralda is a wonderful sensation . This Gipsy has the power of attracting all she wants like a magnet! How is that possible? By means of simplicity, love and honesty… Theatre taught me very important things: sincerity, freedom and strength… I only regret for having acted in more than 600 shows with my natural hair, that was obviously really damaged,  but I regenerated it later . I was too

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Andrea Bocelli’s Concert Backstage

Singing together with Andrea Bocelli was one of my best experiences in my life…. He is a divine person, with as a great talent as the love  he extends to all the other people… He has a wonderful family and an incredibly wonderful production. I was very happy to prepare for these shows in America: they were my first singing introductions here and I’ll never forget  I got them only

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Notre Dame de París is back!

How can I explain you my emotions  after coming back and playing the character that changed my Life, that formed  me as an artist, that gave me all my nuances and especially freedom! Esmeralda is an enlightened creature: she shines out with nothing, flies quite a bit, sings to Life and  her spirit dances… It was really magic  meeting all my playmates, friends, brothers.. Riccardo Cocciante in all his full

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Dream Love “Alberto Sordi” Foundation

How beautiful is to know that there are persons living their lives for the others…  I took great inspiration from this Gala performance, during which the Italian actor myth “Alberto Sordi” joins music, art and friendship in order to help older people in having some hope and opportunity to reach old age with a bright mind. I gave the only thing I have: my songs together with great Riccardo Cocciante

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The Magic of Christmas

Christmas thought gives me a special happiness…. It ‘s incredible how strongly we’re all united in these moments…. It’s true….This year has been very special for me…because I wished to come back to music …but I really didn’t know the way…. As I usually say…God has always better plans for us.. Incredible music projects soon started to arrive in a magic way! Singing with Bocelli, Christmas concert in Vatican, playing

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The power of color

When we know that an Event will be so important for our lives, we do all our best to obtain what we really dream… In this case I had no time… that’s why I decided to wear a simple but charming dress:  very natural Makeup and hair and a touch of color on my lips: I feel perfect now! I tried some dresses and at last I chose the one that

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Colors from Tulum

Today I wish to share with you some tricks that make you feel always divine.  I went to Tulum beaches to realize photos and sceneries for my new Music video.  I love Tulum colors: they can hypnotize you… The irresistible sea energy and plant colours brought me a good deal of freedom and insanity we all need for feeling powerful , unlimited  and reach all what we wish…  I dressed

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Backstage Arde

Arde is one of  my new songs that I’ll introduce to you very soon! It’s produced by José Miguel, who is a brilliant producer that created this feat together with Samy Hawk (a talented Venezuelan singer). It’s a wholly pop urban song…. It gives me plenty of energy and I think it will you make d@nce a lot! Jajajaja I went to Mexico and we all realized our video images at

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White Art

When I think of Art,  I call the word Love back to my mind … It is as if these two words had a natural pure and sublime link… This is exactly what I mean…  I spent an incredible night in Wynwood. I sang  in an event dedicated to my wonderful Italy: there were  plenty of   beautiful people, music, Art ….  It’s unbelievable how strongly  lyrics,  song notes, and a single

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