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Venezia Film Festival 73

Having been at Venice Opening, together with all the marvelous things now happening in my Life has been a real golden moment…. I feel very lucky and I live each moment with gratitude. Thanks to “Produzione Leone” for inviting me, to my friends for  accompanying me and to the brands chosen for making this moment the chance of a lifetime with me.. I’m going to run to “ Arena di

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Power Girls

In my opinion a power girl is someone who obtains all what she proposes engaging herself with dignity and love!  Thanks God,  I grew up surrounded by powerful women in my family,  love, and work. Every day I learn more from women! They belong to a divine race! Jajajaja I feel so happy  of having been invited  to this Event that celebrates  Latin women’s engagement! People is a magazine I’ve

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13th Annual St Jude Angels and Stars Gala

Any message of love and solidarity that unites us, mobilizes me. St jude works endlessly to cure and save kids for cancer. This Gala promotes their activities and invites people to make a donation. Please contact theme iff you would  like to donate. Many angels need our help. Dress by Calvin Klein Make up by Dior

Festival di Venezia 2009

After the Festival di Sanremo it was a big year for me, it happened a lot… like in Venice. They chose me as sponsor with George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the foundation named “Not on our watch”. That night I sang during the dinner event and George and Brad acted exactly in the way they actually are… humbles but at the same time talented people! I really admire people

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Red carpet

I enjoy red carpets because every time something different happens… usually something incredible… I’ll tell you thousands of stories, both here in this blog and on my Instagram!