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Gold Summer

Golden colour is always extraordinary to be worn in a swimming pool or at the seaside…
It blends with suntan perfectly, and reflects a good vibration…
I love wearing this colour bikinis, because I like to be absolutely natural: no Makeup, no jewellery, perfectly dry hair in the wind… I just use a protective cream, my BB caramel colour cream by Mac and a smile, an infallible remedy for spending a divine moment in the sun!
Bikini has a leading role: very comfortable and glam my Divissima..
Summer is here at last! I feel full of energy thanks to a good diet and to training practice: just 20 minutes individual workout that’s necessary to face up to all my next European summer shows!
Our body is our means of communication with life, with everything: we must love it and take care of it…
Let’s look more beautiful than ever and we’ll shine in front of the same sun!

I love you!

Borsa: SALCE197
Hair Products: PAUL MITCHELL
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