Feel the Wind

I sometimes feel the need of running through nature… I need to smell it, to observe it all the time and be grateful… 
When you are able to hear the Wind, join it! I always do that and get all the answers of what I’m thinking about…
I’m going to face up to a very hard working period in this paradise…. the most magic place I’ve ever seen in my life, and here, in this paradise of Lavender… I nourish with all the most beautiful things that Life can offer…
This time I chose Calvin, in perfect style with the day… very comfortable and with a romantic touch which gives me plenty of peace…
I wish to thank my Mexican family for giving me such incredible emotions!
I love you @ll!!!

Snapbeauty! Be bright, my princesses! Spread love… beauty and love! That’s our mission!



Boots: LEVI’S

MakeUp: MAC Cosmetics

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