Festival di Venezia 2009

After the Festival di Sanremo it was a big year for me, it happened a lot… like in Venice. They chose me as sponsor with George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the foundation named “Not on our watch”. That night I sang during the dinner event and George and Brad acted exactly in the way they actually are… humbles but at the same time talented people!
I really admire people that can be at the same time successfull and generous ones… that can think about the others… at the end we are all the same, and all in the same Universe…

The story? Well.. I had prepared myself to sing Imagine by The Beatles and some other songs from my rock show Notre Dame de Paris… but just before going on the stage George arrived and told me… you have to sing… The Kinks song!
I really liked that idea, even though I usually don’t like play cover songs… but that song was one of the covers that I actually could perform during a live show…
The dress I wore was from the Tirelli dressmaker, and it was dressed also by one of my idols, “Gina Lollobrigida”, who played Esmeralda too…
The only less pleasant thing was that I could not almost breath, because the belt was too tight! Ahahah!


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