Fly baby fly

For real women like us, who do thousands of activities every day and time is always not enough
When we have to deal with thousands of different things we don’t have to forget about being always at our top, no matter which the occasion is. It´s not an impossible mission if you organize properly…
Today I am going to tell you what I think is important to do in order to accomplish every task we may have. The first step is… start flying with our creativity and emotions. When something gives me and adrenalin rush I know it will be a 100% success, and that´s how I live everything, love, friendship, my job… Another way to succeed in accomplish things is to adapt to the other peoples plans… especially if these are your mans plans.
Today I went with my adventurous boy on a kayak! I also convinced him to have an afternoon of detox, which made  both of us feel regenerated…
In order to shine, you have to bring with you only a few necessary things, a nice swimsuit, a bath towel, sporty clothing, nice sunglasses and, yes, also a huge smile… I decided to purify my body with fruit and vegetables… I usually do that twice a week, drinking a lot of water and herb teas… they are the infallible method to reduce water retention and keep our skin always perfect! That´s a tip to follow for this beautiful coming summer!
Open air activities…. Are more than welcome! Walking, biking, rollerblading, kayak, everything is welcome if it comes to making you shine. But in order to fly you have to travel light…
I bring with me only positive thoughts and my best predisposition!

Snapandfly! Brillen bellezas!!!

Outfit sportivo:
Stella MCartney for Adidas
Sunglasses Bod Sdrunk
Cap Gucci
Outfit pool: SoAllure

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