Golden Days

It is magic to think how lucky our lives are…We should be very happy just awaking up and being able to see and be in touch with the Nature wonders, observing our body perfection, so that we can think, dream, act for the best, feel and transmit our feelings, even if our concentration often flies to other places due to our human nature. 
Somebody asks me how it is possible to spend a successful golden life, in my job, my family, realizing my dreams… I answer that all this happens thanks to God and to Universe, but I also consider that it is a personal quality to feel gratitude for everything, I say everything, even for imperfect things. Once I heard that we make plans but God has always better plans for us. How beautiful are faith, gratitude and love! I think these are the basis for living the best life possible, a life full of  blessings, a gold life… 

Always practice love and gratitude… 
Blessed life will be your best mirror
I love you! Have a super Gold Day!


Foto by Raffaele Marone

Bikini by Terra Massima

Makeup by Elisa Rampi using Clinique e Aveda 

Location Sicily

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