Good morning NY

This is one of my favorite cities in the world. It has about a thousand activities, it is very strong, inventive and moreover gives you the opportunity of choosing, offers you its nature, grants you the freedom of expression like all the other big  metropolis…
My life as a mother, as an artist, as a wife like all of you, full-time women, is even more intense here and I like it so much!
We are with Aaron for this new American TV challenge sharing all what happens to him with much love and gratitude… We always try to combine all events and productions with our family life: it’s wonderful because it really gives you all the energy you need for reaching each goal of yours!
Please, my good girls, never forget a touch of pink on your lips, nor your bag, or whatever it is… It grants you joy and amusement for the whole day! Be sure of having a camera with you so that you can keep a memory of that day forever!
It is not necessary to come here and have a look at all new trends! I keep them for you! The best shop windows and outfits in NY!
Enjoy your life!




Sunglasses: RAY BAN
shoes: ADIDAS
Thanks to INSTAX
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