Ho’oponopono Mind

My dear friends, today I’m going to share another way of considering Life with you…
Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a very ancient  Hawaiian art for solving  problems based upon reconciliation and forgiveness: the first Hawaiians used to practice it… I’d like to spread this type of ideologies because I have tried them personally and they were very helpful and good for me! You can agree with me if you test them!
Sorry, Forgive me, I love you, Thanks.
If you repeat these words like a “mantra”, they will purify your mind and heart. You can repeat them before any life‘s adversities in this sequence or whatever you feel at the moment you decide to use them. They are so effective because you know their deep meaning and because your intentions are good when you pronounce them.
This means that you are sincere when you repent of having done something wrong, or after making somebody suffer: I’m so sorry, I’m sorry about that, very sorry indeed.
Forgive me:
This is the reparation we offer to our own deities, to the wisest part of ourselves, any name we use. We are bringing the conflict resolution to a higher level so that harmony can be restored in our life…
I love you
When I say I love you, I’m restoring love situation with another kind of energy that was different from it before: love harmonizes  everything. All changes and becomes good after giving back love to the situation. All that we created without love, with rage,  contempt and depreciation makes us suffer. In the “ huna “ system, love is what makes us happy about everything: if we say “ I love you “ that means that I feel happy with you and that I’m not looking for any blame or punishment: you have no reason for being cross with me and I’m not angry with you. “Okio” means that everything has been forgiven and forgotten. I love you, love you, love you.
When I say thank you, that means I’m grateful to god because I know I’ve been heard and everything is working out for the best. I’m also grateful for being able of destroying or cleaning my wrong creations. A problem shows me all what must be cleaned so that I can  restore the light inside me again. 
This is “kala”.
If we use these words in any situation or problem we have at the moment, we will realize that our mind is calm and we enter an interior and unique peaceful state of mind…
Miracles that we do by ourselves can surprise us more than the heavenly ones.


See you soon, my sweet princesses!

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