Island Mind

When I say the word island, I simply refer to a big place  in my heart where only positive things must get into it. It doesn’t mean that negative things don’t exist (of course they do exist) but this state of mind is the only one that lets me feel free and protected by any single thing that could hurt me.
It’s very important  to take care of our feelings in order to be “beauty” not only outside, but also inside which is even more important.
That’s why I give myself up to my intuition and heart, I never save anything for myself and always bear other people’s loyalty with love and happiness.
When you live by the light of the sun, no doubt it will kiss you…
Island mind is a lifestyle, a natural therapy for keeping us always healthy and happy, free from any weight or contamination.
If someone talks to you in a way you don’t like or says something you don’t deserve, turn towards him  and simply look at him and invite him to come into your interior island, which will never betray you.
This outfit is for girls living in tropical islands, just like Miami…
Super natural golden colors  by Mac cosmetics, hair dried in the wind using Paul Mitchell products and your favorite perfume so that you can leave its smell wherever you pass by.


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Jacket H&M
MakeUp MAC
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