Let’s Celebrate

Celebrating is my day-to-day activity. It’s a wonderful technique for attracting good energies towards us and for having the kind of Life we deserve…
I’ve never been fond of celebrations, especially of my birhdays, but I enjoy organizing some small events and having big celebrations with the people I love and with the ones who love me too much.
For such an important year of mine, I chose a  very natural and glamorous outfit.. I love feeling goodlooking but I like being comfortable.
I used  products by Paul Mitchell for my hair, because they make it bright. Makeup by Clinique and very feminine jewels by Leo Pizzo.
Many thanks to all the people  always staying with me, in all the moments of my Life, and this is of great importance! Celebrating Life!

Snapandcelebrate! Snapglam! Snaplola!

Hair Products: PAUL MITCHELL
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