Look like Esmeralda

Being Esmeralda is a wonderful sensation . This Gipsy has the power of attracting all she wants like a magnet! How is that possible? By means of simplicity, love and honesty…
Theatre taught me very important things: sincerity, freedom and strength…
I only regret for having acted in more than 600 shows with my natural hair, that was obviously really damaged,  but I regenerated it later . I was too young for thinking of future time, that’s why I got some information and decided to protect my hair by using a natural wig which makes me feel free and be a perfect Esmeralda ! It’s the most amazing thing happening to me at an aestethic level: my hair keeps incredibly well and my wig looks super bright! I like playing and protect myself at the same time! I owe all that not only to myself but especially to my Producer Alessia Moccia who takes care of all details and also to Giusi Giambertone who has followed Giambertone’s family Tradition ( number one in Italy and the whole world ) for many years: the project of creating wonderful things for each different personal need!
Thank you, Giusi! No one can believe how easy is to put it on and how well it fits to everybody….
Makeup is very simple and I realized it by myself using Mac products: they make you feel the top!
In one of my next posts I’ll show you the way you can create it in only 5 minutes!
Much love to @ll of you my Esmeraldas! Be bright and don’t stop dancing any more inside your hearts!


Gioielli: Leo Pizzo
Parrucca Esmeralda: Tricostarc
Hair Stylist: Simone Lucioli
Hair Products: Paul Mitchell
Si ringrazia: Acqua Lauretana
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