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Cuddle + Kind brightens not only the life of  many children but  also our life  because they make us notice that there are lots persons who help poor people.  I think this is  all human beings’ mission, after all… We have two hands: one for doing things and the other one for the people who need our help.
Each Cuddle + Kind’s doll gives nourishment to 10 children.
Erin & Regina have always loved this kind of toys, made with love and for giving love.
They’re incredible and very comfortable at any  moment.
Thanks for Skye and Isla: they’re two enchanting sirens.  What about you? Why don’t you ask for your favorite doll as soon as possible?


Thanks to Cuddle + Kind
The purpose is to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.
1 doll = 10 meals!

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