A matter of feeling

It’s a magic night in my Life… I’m going to sing one of my favorite songs: I’ve known it since I was a little girl but I’d  never thought to sing it with the same person who converted it into a worldwide hit together with the great singer “Mina”
Riccardo Cocciante is noy only one of my talent-scouts but also a master, a friend, a great Artist who changed my destiny when he chose me for acting as the gipsy Esmeralda about 15 years ago, in Barcelona.
Today we are going to sing “Mogol” in Italian RAI TV, because we think that homages must be paid during one’s own
Many thanks to all the people who always let my voice fly! Thanks to my incredible Production team! Alessia Moccia and Andrea Angioli @primopiano_tv, Gianmarco Massi , Maurizio Raimo and all RAI for making me always feel as if I were at home… 
Outfit without any time… By my Magic Team


Dress: LA PERLA 
Thanks to INSTAX
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