More than ever I feel ready to open you my mind and heart with my new music. My essence lies intact there awaiting to set free and I’m just working for that.
Above all today I want to thank you for the support and love you give me! I like so much to share moments of my Life with you, to convey all good things I’ve learned on you, my personal point of view about things…
Notre dame de París endless tour nourished me not only with love and respect but especially with the artists friendship, talent value and sacrifice. All the shows with Andrea Bocelli and the performances in wonderful places gave me much gratitude and strength…
Now I’m waiting for much more! And I only wish to tell you that…Thank you! I know that all the people who have been waiting for me since years, since days, since hours jajaja I know they expect much more from me! I like to do real things, all what my intuition and feelings dictate to me… all that is Music for me… Pure blood and combination of the most pure sound of soul.


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