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My skin, like yours, needs to be taken in consideration by us. We must use a good solar protection during the advised hours and keep it always moisturized: it  is very important  to drink much water and have plenty of fruit and vegetables,  rich in natural oxidants that prevent premature old ageing. 

Furthermore our way of thinking and considering things is important for our skin youthful appearance… Never be upset for what is not worth… Have always a good smile and give all your love to other people whatever you are doing… This is what has changed my life in these past years, this is what has taken good results to me ,this is what made my dreams come true… 

In the end, I choose to take a Turkish bath once a week, a good exfoliant and… that’s all! The best is   when I can have a rest soon after that. I drink litres of water and use a tonic and moisturizer by Clinique at night. My skin looks bright and fantastic the day after! 

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Ph. Raffaele Marone

Make up & Hair Elisa Rampi using Clinique and Aveda

Beachwear Terra Massima

Sunglasses Bob Sdrunk
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