Nature Divas

Wearing a touch of pink among nature makes us feel divine, especially when we are mothers who need to bring practicalness, colour and femininity to our spring days…
My daughters and I sunbathed a little with some protection and breathed natural air. This way I could teach them all about plants, flowers, insects and everything which is part of our planet…
Even if  I’m a full-time mother I can never forget my feminine  moments. If  you spend 3/5 minutes either in a swimming pool or at the seaside you can also look splendid with a little mascara. You should try Clinique waterproof that is really fantastic and also BB by Mac, that gives you a good skin protection all the time.  Wear a pink bikini  by Divissima,and you’ll feel divine! Lol
You should buy a big Beauty where you can put everything without loading it too much!
I love you all, Girls!

Is summertime!

Hair Products: PAUL MITCHELL
Make Up Products: MAC
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