Today I wish to tell you about a journey that strongly impressed my Life…. I have always longed for seeing” Riviera Maya” and we organized this travel trip in order to enjoy our family Life as usual… 

I have no words left to express the beauty of this place and its people……It is a magic country as you can notice in each part you are visiting… 
Among  shootings, advertisements and vídeo music ,luckily we also could share our moments in order to enjoy nature and our little girls together with the pleasures this incredible place offers….

Villa del Palmar is charming: its beaches, its relax places, its restaurants, everything surprised me so much…More than for good taste and quality, I’d love you would know that it is comfortable and sure for all families… Erin had her first manicure in a place for children open all day… Regi did not want to get off the swimming-pool because it was perfectly suited for children, she liked it too much…. 
Good, let’s speak about drinks now! Jajajaja We had a lot of margaritas!!! We drank a toast to many of the projects we are realizing thanks to all the people who stay near us from the beginning!

Here is what I always say: We have to do our best in our Life! But we must always remember all the steps we made. My music product is almost ready to come out! I am really very excited… Mexico prepared me with its mystic energy so that my love could extend to you very soon! I love you @ll very much! I hope you can enjoy all my photos and… I am waiting for you next time!




Hair Products: PAUL MITCHELL

Erin & Regina: SKEMO

Sunglasses: RAY-BAN by LUXOTTICA

Location: Hotel Villa del Palmar – Cancun

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