Pink inside!

I think that living an healthy life following a good diet, working out and thinking positive is essential to feel and see ourselves beautiful…

This week I am suggesting you something very easy to follow but also very important!

Remember that the 70% of our body is made of water, it’s liquid…

Let’s try then to eat natural products, herbs, natural juices. All of them are essential for our hydration, because every single cell, tissue and organ of our bodies need liquids in order to work correctly. I assure you, doing that you’ll see your skin shining!

Today I chose to drink this tea… natural… made with herbs… pink! Pink colour let me think positive!

Snap and be PINK! Snap and shine! Feliz semana mis amores! Arranquen con todo!!!

Jacket: Pin-Up Stars

Short: H&M

XIE XIE Innovative Oolong Tea

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