Sooner or later everyone has the chance to live a real princess night, feeling awesome and enjoy the moment walking near our prince… or trying to find him, if you are single…

I think that in these kind of evenings, the best advice is to dress elegant but with a comfy outfit, that let us feel free to move…
And a huge smile is the best outfit ever. It has been a very long time since I sang in an event like this, I am very excited…
It is a special Gala, hosted by prince Alberto of Munich, who showed his passion and interest towards our planet.

I had no doubt to go there when they invited Aaron and me… On these occasions I really feel so proud of being an artist so that I can send an important message:all people must live in peace and union…

I enjoyed it a lot, with my prince, my beloved musicians Jami and Luca Caruso of Etna and with all the other friends that I cannot meet so often as I used before…I loved the location as well, but what I especially appreciated  was that I could sing for a good cause… Thank you Tiziana Rocca for inviting me! Thank you Milan for your consideration and love! Thank you Alberto of Munich for the prize!

Dress by Rani Zakhem

Shoes by Le Silla

Jewel by Rosato Gioielli

Make up and Hair by Elisa Rampi using Clinique & Aveda

Aaron Diaz By Ermenegildo Zegna

Hotel Boscolo Milano

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