Sexy shopping

Going shopping is amusing for every woman… Especially if we look for divine underwear, perfumes or creams that help us to look more beautiful!

I adore going for a walk in Lincoln and get lost in Victoria’s Secret new collections, always different and really sexy and amusing!
Perfumes that have golden tones  must be absolutely used  in the summer… They super moisturize our skin that also looks wonderfully colored… 

I always prefer to wear  colors.. I’m no longer happy with black. I think that pink or light blue is much more sexy and amusing…

It is always our duty to be beautiful and enjoyable for our beloved man and especially for ourselves!
hanks to my super companions Rosario and Spike!! Divine!!! They’re fully enchanted by everything! Jajaja 
Long live Angels! Long live love! 
Snapangel! Snapsex!

Short: Massimo Rebecchi

Shoes: Sergio Levantesi

Sunglasses Ray Ban by Luxottica

Thanks to Victoria Secrets

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