Summer mom

Being a mother is without a doubt my favorite activity…

I love to enjoy every single moment with my little girls, and today I want to tell you about the youngest in the family. Regi is super calm but sometimes she likes doing some activities outside, going to the beach, taking a ride in the stroller, or on the bike…

Today we decided to give ourselves a unique moment in a thermal water swimming pool… it’s very important for babies to become confident with water as soon as possible, because in this way they learn how to swim faster and easier…

Sunblock and a dive…. Not every time, but once in a while it is funny wearing bath suites with the same colour and textures… which combine with Nature!

Enjoy every activity you have planed out this summer. Remember hydration and love are our goals!

Tengan un increíble domingo princesas!

SoAllure and American Apparel

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