Sun kisses

There’s something I learned during all the years of my career and my continuous image exhibitions:.. to remain always the most natural person….!
I took my extensions and false eyelashes and plenty of maquillage off…. You can’t even imagine how much better and how sure and happy I started feeling..
I abandon myself to the wind and to all what is happening to me..In my actual natural condition I can give the best of me to myself and to the people around me..
The most divine of all this is that a natural person is always perfect and good-looking whenever and wherever she is..
Let my princesses be brilliant where they go around and abandon themselves to beautiful sensations..

#snapandshine #snapnatural #snapwind

Ph. Raffaele Marone

Makeup & Hair Stylist Elisa Rampi using Clinique and Aveda

Beachwear Terra Massima

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