Sunny days

Sundays, especially if they are Easter’s ones, have to be celebrated with our families!
Even if we had a busy and rushing week, we just need to jump on a boat an recharge ourselves absorbed by Nature! There’s nothing more beautiful than the wind blowing on my skin…
For this weekend I chose a really easy outfit, an H&M white dress and Palomitas sandals. I like wearing romantic clothes in these situations…
But of course, after different activities, I had to change bikini! Ahahah, sexy for my lover, I wore my glamour Floch t-shirt, really comfortable but at the same time a little Hipster like me!
The plan was celebrating Resurrection, the gratitude I have for my family, our well-being, life in general!
I hope you also had a wonderful break! I hug you tightly!

Hasta la próxima!

Bikini Pin-up Stars, Mini Caftano Miki, White dress H&M, T-shirt Floch, Sunglasses Bob Sdrunk, Shoes Paloma Barcelò

Song: Il segreto sta nel ritmo – Lola Ponce Feat. Marie Claire Dubaldo

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