Sunny life

Living a life in the sunshine is one thing that makes me happy!

I deeply love nature, my family, my friends, singing, dancing! Everything!  I love everything, it’s true! I believe there’s something concerning the light. It exists inside each one of us…. We all have it but it’s fundamental to take care of it, to regenerate it! As for me, I’m influenced by the simplest facts, which are the most beautiful: they are gestures and innate children happiness…

It’s very important to smile without any reason, to understand that actual time is the only thing we have!  I’m enchanted by that, it makes me happy and this way I live each day of my Life, intensely… With Light!
Let my beloved people shine! Forever! Let them find their inner light and let them shine their Lives…
Ok ok mum! Now stop writing and talking too much! ahaha go and sunbathe!
But always protected! In fact our skin has memory of all the sun we took in our Lives! Kisses to my beloved people!!! Love you all!

Snaplove! Snaphappiness!

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