Super Spring

Spring is the season of the year coming after winter and before summer. The etymological origin of this word refers to the “first green”, meaning that plants become green again in spring.
This is something that has a deep influence even on all of us and, if we are able to use it for our own favor, we’ll live better and better and be happier and happier.
The idea is that we must always be colorful, we must practice all kinds of outdoor sports and smile more than usual, we must listen to music and give a positive message that will make us happy.
Our look is very important: that’s why I’m going to suggest you my favorite beauty products in this season, and what you have to do in order to be very beautiful in only 15 minutes.
It’s your moment of being wonderful: moisturize your skin and eat plenty of fruit… beauty elixir and happiness are for you and with you!


Shoes: Francesca Bellavita


Makeup: Mac Cosmetics

Hair Products: Paul Mitchell

Jewels: Leo Pizzo

Ph. Vicky Cooper

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