The girls just wanna have fun!

We all know that girls only wanna have fun!!! Jajajaja
I spent a very incredible day at the seaside with Erin, Regi and my family!!!
I really like wearing bright colors when I stay with them; I think they like them very much and bright colors really give me a super special energy! It is as if time doesn’t exist and… here I am at once, playing just like one of them!
When you are with children at the seaside, you haven’t much time to dedicate to yourselves: a nice ponytail is your perfect hairstyle and this way you simplify everything and you’ll be perfect the whole day!
Take always amusement objects with yourselves, such as a life jacket and beach toys: they’re essential! We can also forget to be mums for a while playing with them, instead of depending on them all the time!
I thank my family very much for always staying with me! I love them so much, my God! They are my Life! Thanks for existing and filling my days with joy!
Enjoy your family… always! To the utmost!
Little kisses for you all, my beloved! See you next time!


Beachwear: Daiquiri Lime

Sunglasses: Glassing

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