The power of color

When we know that an Event will be so important for our lives, we do all our best to obtain what we really dream
In this case I had no time… that’s why I decided to wear a simple but charming dress:  very natural Makeup and hair and a touch of color on my lips: I feel perfect now!
I tried some dresses and at last I chose the one that covered my body entirely: today only my voice must be important… Life has given me a present: to sing with somebody I have always admired and wished to meet in my Life….
Andrea Bocelli… He himself, his voice and his incredible family made me feel as if I were at home… It was as if I had always known him… I’ll never forget the humble way and love he treated me on the stage, he was like an angel who made me sing…  realize my dreams with music… Thank you forever “Maestro”, and many thanks also to your beautiful family for giving me this chance.
It was an evening full of surprises and emotions! Beautiful Noah (the first Esmeralda in France) had her dressing room opposite mine…she was like a beam of light for me, I could not believe I was singing together with her… I met great friends such as Christian de Sica and Tony Renis: the support of my magic man made this night… unforgettable!
I hope you like it too much! Today, December 11, Rai international ” My Cinema”.

I love you @ll my girls!
Thanks for your love!




Jewels: PIAGET

Make Up: MAC Cosmetics

Styling: Veronica Carmen Massa

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