Think green

When I think about the green colour, everything turns into something positive, that connects me with Nature and let me feel healthy…

We have the chance to nourish ourselves with positive thoughts, that can help us live our lives in a better way

I love walking without shoes, it gives me freedom… I love breathing the fresh air that comes from all the trees and flowers around me.

Every day of my life I want to be conscious of how important is taking care of Nature, which means also taking care of ourselves

Today I chose a super fresh and light make-up by Clinique and a shirt by SoAllure, and I was so hippychic…

When we respect the environment, our life improves… and if we do the same with all our feelings, then we will get what we hope for!

Besos princesas y príncipes! Disfruten sus días al natural…

Shirt: SoAllure

Sunglasses: Bob Sdrunk

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