White Art

When I think of Art,  I call the word Love back to my mind …
It is as if these two words had a natural pure and sublime link… This is exactly what I mean… 

I spent an incredible night in Wynwood. I sang  in an event dedicated to my wonderful Italy: there were  plenty of   beautiful people, music, Art …. 
It’s unbelievable how strongly  lyrics,  song notes, and a single emotion can unite us all: it’s a very sure way when you need to live something different. That’s why I’m always in places where I can communicate with my more white and sensible part…. I call  it white because it is pure, it  sets me free, and also because it is a simple love message…. 

Most of  my new music means this, words are composed for me, and even if there are many different  versions  such as pop, electronic, island Sound, they represent me with my thousand  different   sensations. I can hardly wait to share it with you! It’s not far off!
Thanks to  María of  MET college in Miami, thanks to Claudia La Bianca and to sweet María for opening us their  incredíble ART HOME.. I lived a fantastic moment, that only White Art could give me…. 
Live always with love, let love be the centre of all and let happiness light your Lives up! Love Lola

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Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal

Bijoux: Rosso Prezioso

Thanks to Ca’ D’ Oro Gallery

Portraits Lola/Frida: Michael Raveney

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